Monday, 28 November 2016

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Writing about Rotoroa

Hi world

Yesterday I went to Rotoroa Island with my class. Here is a writing about Rotoroa Island I did.

Rotoroa Trip

“It is a wonderful day”, I said to my friends Shreya and Peeana. When we were doing the GPS activity, we have to use our GPS and try to find a card that will be in a tree or a bush and the card number could be between ED1 to 30. I was overjoyed but, the most enjoyable thing was doing 3 of the card with the GPS.

Me Shreya and Peeana had to work as a group. So if somebody had to go to drink water then we all have to go with them. We were not allowed to run on the Island because, that was the rule from the people who were working at the island( instructors ).  

So what we had to do was we had to turn on the GPS and find the code we were given. Our first code was ED 17 and our second code was ED 21 and our last code was ED 5, but we didn’t manage to finish it. It was an entertaining day for us, our teachers, and our parent helpers. But we did get a bit sleepy and a bit tired the way home. Anyways, we had a playful day after all.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How important dancing is to me???

Hi world

I just love dancing and I parties at home and at school. I have a Indian dance group at school and me and my friend Shreya are the teacher for the Indian dance group. I do love teaching the Indian dance group. Before I had a Indian dance group that was big but know I only have 6 people in my Indian dance group. That time nobody could get the dance so then me and Shreya changed the song and we learnt that moves in 1 week and the other one took us 3 terms but we still couldn’t do that. While we didn’t learnt in the 1 week but we learnt the moves but we are still parting and we are getting better.Any ways I love dancing. Dancing is the first thing in my life.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

athletics day

Hi world

Athletics Day

The rope was sharp like a knife and I could feel the rope starting to hurt me like a knife. The cheering  that people were doing  to my us strong was making me nervous and I did not know what to do but I was still pulling the rope to help my team. It was so hard I just wanted to turn round and tell my team to pull hard and pull strong so we can win the tug of war. Anyways it was fun but, my ears were starting to get red because I was feeling hot because, of the hot bright sun. coming toward me. I love to do tug of war, and I will love to do tug of war again in my life any time I can.

Hope you have a good day.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The writing

HI world

This week I am learning to  write a story. This story is about a polar bear, 2 penguins and a turtle. If you want to see it  my story then here is the link. Hope you liked it.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Swimming this week

HI bloggers

This week we have been doing  Swimming and it was fun. We did floating particle kicking our legs with an broad. There where 3 groups. Group 1 were just starting to learn. Group 2 were good but only in the small poop. Group 3 were ready to go to the big pool next week. Here are some photo of us swimming. 

Lorna Swimming 

The teacher  teaching us
Me floating 

people getting ready to swim

The swimming teacher teaching a person

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos